I am a 37 years old, single female, and have no children. I have been diagnosed with endometrioses & severe dysmenorrhea. I have had problems with my menstrual cycle since the age of 12. I have always been a heavy bleeder with lots of pelvic & back pain and hot flushes. I have been living like that most of my life. I was no stranger to the doctor’s office. At the age of 12, the doctor told me that I may not have children.

That impact only hit my when my partner and I were trying to conceive. My condition worsened in my twenties. In 2003 I became a patient at Tygerberg Hospital and have been ever since, which feels like forever.

I have been on so many contraceptive treatments which did not help. (Diane, Femodene, Nordette, Triphasel, two month injection, three month etc.) Currently, I am on the Merina. I have since stopped the Zolodex completely.

2003 - First laparoscopy. (diagnostic endometrioses & dysmenorrhea). 2005 - Second laparoscopy. 2008 - Third laparoscopy. Remove what they could find and also something out my breasts, which I only found out when I went for a check-up.

2014 - First Merina inserted (body rejected and was expelled got stuck in my uterus) Severe pain with heavy bleeding. I was hospitalised for a week with an infection. 2015 - Stem outside my womb, womb is thickened, cyst on right ovary. Extreme pain and suffered with dysmenorrhea for about two months

Urine tested positive and blood tests negative for pregnancy. It messed up your frame of mind, emotionally I was drained. Second Merina inserted on 10th April 2015. Two weeks after I was treated for infection I was hospitalised again. 22 May 2015 received the Zolodex 10.8 Depo which makes me feel lousy, tired, my nails chips off, skin is sensitive, especially under breasts and between thighs. My joints ache a lot because of the injection I am bleeding in between. My hair fell out. The doctor said it is side-effects.

I am already terrified of my next menstrual cycle. Last cycle hiked up my blood pressure to 183 over 93 just because of the pain. Felt like I was in labour. 2016 - 13 April my 4th laparoscopy will be done. Apparently, endo has also affected surrounding soft tissue in my womb. Will check if my womb is intact, if not I will have surgery to remove my womb (hysterectomy). My breasts are lactating. On 22 January 2016 Doctor said it could be my endo acting out or the stem at the mouth of my womb. When the pain is at its worst I walk with a limp because my leg goes numb.

My menstrual cycle lasted three weeks in January 2016. Not funny at all! My sex life has become non-existent even though my sex drive was never affected. It has put a huge strain on my relationship at the time. It was too painful at times.

In conclusion I have learned that removing my womb is not a long term solution. For years I have been speaking about having a hysterectomy, but my doctor refused. Not enough motivation to have it done and because of my age. I know there is a chance my endo might return. Endo has affected my personal life and for now I just want to be healthy and be able to do normal things, like walking, exercising etc. I would simply like a better quality of life.

Erionette Endo Warrior
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